Schnellste Skigebiets Webcam-Übersicht auf iPhone!!!


  1. Start your Safari-Browser on your iPhone (where you can surf the Internet)
  2. Enter the URL:
  3. Navigate to “Webcams” and then choose your favorite Skiarea (zoom-in!).
  4. When you see all the webcams of your prefered Skiarea, then push the icon at the bottom in the middle with the arrow and choose: “Zum Home-Bildschirm”

Thats it!

Now you can check all the relevant Webcam-Infos with only one super-short finger-tip. Like with a normal iPhone-App, but much faster! 😉

Enjoy this service.

Ski free
Mike from


Extra-Tipp: Du kannst dies für jede von dir gewünschten Website wiederholen – unglaublich effizient – garantiert.



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